Tenergy Solis Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Review

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With an ever-expanding catalog of wireless thermometer offerings on the market today, it’s easy to get lost in the different features and price ranges available. By now, most of the SMS staff have a favorite model or two, and we’ve come to a consensus on what makes a great BBQ/Smoking thermometer.

The Tenergy Solis might not be the most advanced thermometer on the market and it didn’t quite make the grade for our Best Meat Thermometer list. Still, with an attractive price point, great design, super familiar app interface, and an excellent wireless range, it makes for an attractive choice for the novice Pitmaster or anyone looking to add more accuracy to their barbecue process.

Tenergy Solis Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer.

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What We Liked:

  • Supports up to 6 high temp cooking probes.
  • Great wireless range
  • Familiar and easy-to-use smartphone app interface
  • Runs on 2 x AA Batteries
  • Comes with a carrying case and probe wraps

What Needs Improvement:

  • Doesn’t include full-stainless steel probes
  • Doesn’t include grill grate clips for ambient temperature readings

Look and Feel:

Out of the box, the Tenergy Solis looks a lot like one of our other favorite wireless multi-probe thermometers, the Inkbird IBT4XS, but with space for two more temperature probes versus that model’s 4.

The Solis Thermometer base is a square shape about the diameter of a softball. With connections for six probes, three on each side of the thermometer base.

The LED display takes up the entire front of the thermometer base. The numbers are large and easy to read from a distance and backlit for low light reading. While most of the temperature readings being performed on the Tenergy Solis will probably use the smartphone application, it’s nice to be able to take quick readings using the display/base. 

When in use, the display only displays one probe temperature and cycles through each probe in 3-second intervals. Again, this isn’t an issue because you can view all temperature probe data simultaneously when using the smartphone app.

High-Temperature Probes.

The Tenergy Solis comes equipped with six color-coded high-temperature probes, which are great for cooking multiple proteins that require different finishing temps and cooking processes.

The color-coded probe tips allow you to set corresponding labels inside the smartphone app if you want, but you can also label the thermometer probes in the app to reflect the protein they are cooking at the moment.

With braided steel cables and a very thin, step-down probe style, the Tenergy high temp heat-resistant cooking probes are well built and made to last. One slight negative we all agreed on was the lack of dedicated, full stainless steel probes that can be used as ambient air temperature probes or for higher temp cooking situations.

The high temp silicon the Tenergy probes are made from is a great feature, but there are definitely times a full stainless steel probe could be helpful, and we all wish they had included one or two.

Carrying Case and Probe Wrap!

One consistent frustration with many multi-probe wireless thermometer setups is the lack of an included carrying case and cord storage solution. When we opened the Tenergy Solis thermometer, all of the SMS breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, a company that understands that probe storage and device storage, in general, is a priority.

The carrying case for the Solis digital thermometer is very nice. With a hard shell construction, mesh storage pocket and cut out for storing the thermometer base, you never have to worry about misplacing a probe or thermometer again.

In terms of cord storage for the high temp probes, Tenergy has included super convenient probe wraps. These plastic wraps secure the probe in place and then allow you to wind the cord around the plastic frame before securing the thermometer connection for storage. No more untangling cord messes or tangles!

Cooking with the Tenergy Solis.

As with all thermometers we review here at SMS, we wanted to put the Tenergy Solis meat thermometer through a real-world barbecue process.

To best understand the high points and low points of the Tenergy design, we had our resident Pit Master use the Tenergy Solis to help monitor the cooking process for a Pork Belly Burnt Ends recipe he was working on.

To begin, we prepared our pork belly with a delicious, Korean-inspired rub and got the smoker up to temperature.

Once the smoker was ready to go, our pitmaster loaded in the pork belly slabs and got to work, setting up the Tenergy Solis thermometer.

Testing the Tenergy Solis’ accuracy. 

Out of the box, the Tenergy Solis thermometer is incredibly accurate, but over time the thermistor style temperature sensor can lose accuracy. 

To test the thermometer you can use two different methods, the boiling water test or the ice bath test. 

To test the thermometer simply prepare a tight ice bath in a glass jar, or bring a pot of water to a boil. Once your testing medium is prepared, take a temperature reading using the Tenergy Solis to assess whether or not the thermometer is currently accurate. 

If your readings are accurate they should be 32°f for the ice bath and 212°f for the boiling water. If you notice a deviation, perform the test again. If the deviation continues you can record how much the thermometer is off by and calculate accurate readings as you go.


To begin, we installed the Solis Tenergy application on our smartphone and turned on the Thermometer base.

Once the app was installed, we launched it and ran through the connection settings.

Connecting the thermometer to the application was a breeze. We turned on our Bluetooth connection, followed the simple prompts on the application, and within seconds our Tenergy Solis was connected and provided real-time temperature data.

Taking Temperature Readings with the Tenergy App.

With the Tenergy Solis connected to our smart phone app, we got down to setting up our high temp probes.

We inserted one probe into each pork belly slab and carefully placed one on the grill grate to the smoker. Most smoker thermometers come equipped with a grill grate clip that elevates the probe away from the hot cooking surface to provide accurate readings and protect the probe assembly.

Sadly, the Tenergy Solis didn’t come with any grill clips, but you can purchase them separately here!

With the thermometers situated in the barbecue and smoker, we closed the smoker lid and started to monitor our smoker temp.

Monitoring temp with the Tenergy Solis was very straightforward. The thermometer base cycles through each probe one at a time and provides a large, easy-to-see reading, while the app provides all information simultaneously.

Setting up a Cooking Program/Alarm.

Setting alarms or cooking programs on the Tenergy app is really intuitive. Simply select the probe you want and decide whether you want a temperature range or alarm.

A temperature range is best for measuring your cooking chamber. For our smoker, our pitmaster set a range of 250°-275°f, which for pork belly is an ideal smoker temp. Once set, the tenergy app would alert us whenever our smoker went above or below the intended range, letting our pitmaster know it was time to add more wood or adjust the air draw to reduce the temperature.

Temperature alarms are better for measuring bbq progress. For our pork belly, we wanted to bring the slabs to 160°f before cutting them into large chunks for burnt ends and allowing them to finish cooking. By setting our temperature alarm at 160°f, we could monitor the progress of the barbecue and be sure the Tenergy app would alert us when it was time to move on to the next step in our cooking process.

Bluetooth Range. 

The states range for the Tenergy Solis is 100ft from the thermometer base. In practice, we found that this number was more variable than expected, and under suitable conditions with a clear line of sight, you could stretch that range considerably. 

Throughout our testing, we were able to keep a stable connection inside and outside of our test house and throughout the backyard where the smoker was located. 

While there are certainly thermometers with much larger ranges available, the Tenergy Solis does a great job staying connected. 

Using the tracking tools. 

The Tenergy App, like many other wireless barbecue tools, allows you to track and visualize your barbecues process throughout your cook. 

This is really helpful when understanding where you might find improvements in your barbecue process. By graphing your smoker’s temperature throughout the cooking process and comparing it to a graph of your barbecue product, you can better comprehend how temperature changes in your smoker may have stalled or affected the process of your barbecue. 

Is the Tenergy Solis Wireless Thermometer right for you?

While there are certainly more feature-rich and expensive thermometers on the market today, for many, the Tenergy Solis 6 Probe Wireless Thermometer is more than enough tool for the job.

With an excellent, easy-to-use design, a great wireless range, a super familiar/easy-to-use app, and the ability to monitor six different temperatures simultaneously, the Tenery Solis offers a ton of functionality for a relatively small price tag.

This is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for a wireless thermometer and don’t want to break the bank. Furthermore, if you’re going to add a backup/second wireless pit thermometer to your BBQ arsenal, this is a perfect choice, especially if you already use a thermometer with a similar app design.

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