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Have you ever tried A5 Wagyu beef? I recently tried it for the first time by ordering from a company called “Crowd Cow“. If you’ve ever wanted to try a Wagyu steak, or you want to learn more about Wagyu beef, read on.

What is A5 Wagyu Beef?

Simply, it’s the best beef in the world. If you want to read up on the Japanese rating system, and learn exactly why it’s the best, read this post: “How Does Beef Achieve A5 Status?”

What to Expect When You Order Meat From Crowd Cow

I ordered a box full of steaks from Crowd Cow a few weeks ago, and part of that shipment included an A5 Wagyu petite sirloin.

Shipment from Crowd Cow including A5 Wagyu Beef

In addition to the A5 Wagyu, the shipment included two tenderloin steaks, two New York strips, and two pounds of Pacific Rogue Wagyu Ground Beef.

I ordered all of the meat on a Thursday. One week later the box of meat arrived at my door. The meat was frozen solid, packed in biodegradable packaging, with plenty of dry ice, literature about the meat, and sea salt to remind you how important it is to keep the seasoning simple.

Why You Should Order Meat From Crowd Cow

Have you ever searched for the term, where can I buy meat online? There are a lot of options. These days, unless you are ordering straight from the farm, it’s tough to know where your food came from.

Crowd Cow makes it easy to know exactly where your beef came from. In addition to the incredible A5 Wagyu beef that Crowd Cow offers, they also sell 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished beef.

So How Good Can it Really Be?

To get a good understanding of just how great this beef was, we decided to cook the A5 Petite Sirloin, and the two New York’s. We defrosted the steaks in the fridge over night and they were good to go.

New York Strips from Crowd Cow

I seasoned both with just the sea salt provided but cooked them a little differently. The Wagyu was thin, and I knew it would cook fast. I got the cast iron skillet as hot as I could and hit both sides for about 20 seconds. We quickly removed the steak and let it rest on a cutting board before slicing into thin strips so we could enjoy as an appetizer.

A5 Wagyu Beef - Cooked
This A5 Wagyu Petite Sirloin from Crowd Cow didn’t last long. 

The intense marbling that was present before we cooked the Wagyu resulted in some of the most incredible melt in your mouth flavor I’ve ever experienced in a steak.

The appetizer was just what we needed while we smoked the New York’s following the reverse sear method. When the internal temp of the New York’s hit 100, we removed them from the smoker and seared them for about two minutes per side in the cast iron, bringing the internal temp up to 130.

Smoked New York Strips from Crowd Cow

The Wagyu beef was melt in your mouth, OH MY GOODNESS, that’s delicious good. The strips were tender and loaded with flavor too. 

Get Some Crowd Cow in Your Life

I knew the meat was going to be good when I placed my order with Crowd Cow. That being said, I was not prepared for how delicious these steaks would really be.

Sliced New York Strip from Crowd Cow with Spinach, and fingerling potatoes.

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After cooking the steaks last night I went back to Crowd Cow’s website to see what I need to order next. In addition to world-class beef options, they have chicken and pork options too.

The next time you’re looking for the best cuts of meat available, check out Crowd Cow.

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