5 Tasty Holiday BBQ Recipes You Should Try

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I really love the holidays. We get to spend additional time with family and friends and hopefully experience some fantastic food. There are a lot of different things you can make around the holidays, but this is a list of my 5 favorite holiday bbq recipes.

These recipes are intended to be the main course of the meal, and hopefully get you to consider something a little different from that dry turkey or ham you always fall back on. Turkey and ham are definitely on this list but if you follow my recipe, they will not be dry!

Holiday BBQ Recipes

Corned Beef Brisket

This is a great recipe at any time of the year, but it fits really well for most of the holidays. The flavor in this brisket is really unique and has evolved into one of the most popular recipes on this website. It’s not that difficult to make either! The best part – the leftovers for sandwiches the next day.

This is an outlier for a lot of people, but it should definitely be on your shortlist of holiday bbq recipes.

Slices of smoked corned beef brisket with carrots and cabbage

Double Smoked Spiral Ham

On the surface, this might look like a really simple idea that’s been done over and over again. It’s true, a smoked ham hits the table for a lot of holidays, but I can promise you those hams don’t have the same incredible spicy-sweet flavor that this ham has. If spicy isn’t your thing check out my Rhubarb Glazed Ham instead.

double smoked spiral ham on its side

Smoked Prime Rib Roast

If you’ve never had prime rib for the holidays, you’re missing out. It’s one of the tastiest cuts of meat you can put on your smoker. This recipe outlines all the nuances needed to make that prime roast just perfect, and really impress. This is one of my favorite holiday bbq recipes.

smoked prime rib, sliced on a cutting board

Smoked Spatchcock Turkey

Turkey is always a safe play for the holidays, but it’s always a challenge to make sure the meat doesn’t dry out. The method I outline in my smoked spatchcock turkey recipe imparts some incredible flavor on the bird and ensures every part of the turkey is super juicy when it’s time to serve.

smoked spatchcock turkey

Smoked Pork Crown Roast

The crown jewel of this list of holiday bbq recipes. This is one of those meals that always amaze your guests when you serve it. The flavor is out of this world delicious, and it’s super fun to make. If I could, I’d make a crown roast for every holiday dinner. It’s also a really great alternative to prime rib if you have guests that don’t care for beef.

5 Holiday BBQ Recipes

That’s my list of holiday bbq recipes you should consider next time you’re in charge of choosing the main course. All of these recipes produce some truly exceptional results, and I hope you’ll give them a try!

Looking for inspiration for your next holiday meal?

Check out my list of 5 holiday bbq recipes. In this list I share a few of my favorite recipes that are perfect for Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

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  1. I just purchased a Pit Boss pellet smoker from Lowe’s; too good a deal to pass up; free assembly and shipping included. Now I can thaw out the 12 lb. turkey I’ve had in the freezer and try out the Spatchcock technique you.. described

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